Joel P. Sussman, M.D. FAAP
Clinical Director; Palmetto Associates for Scholastic Success (P.A.S.S.)
245 Business Park Boulevard                  Columbia, SC 29203           Phone:  (803) 462-1234


Treatment of ADD and ADHD
Consistent with the complexity of ADD and ADHD, the treatment for each of these conditions is multifaceted. Of course, if the patient is found to have ADHD-simplex, then the treatment is fairly simple. Medication is the basis of all treatment. It is important to realize, however, that not everyone with ADHD needs or wants treatment.

Aversion to Medication
If an adult with ADHD is doing very well without treatment, my advice is always to go by the old adage "...If ain't broke, don't fix it...." In a childhood population, if a child is adamantly opposed to taking medication, it should not be forced upon him. Of course, if he does not perform to the level that his native ability would suggest, then he should not be given the privileges that he may desire. Also, if his behavior is getting him into trouble, he may want to re-consider. In a teenage population, they also commonly don't want to take any medication. I tell these youngsters that it is, of course, their choice. However, I tell their parents that they are responsible for their children's driving until they are of age; parents should know that, without medication, there is a significantly higher risk for accidents.
Problems that are Not ADHD-Simplex
As far as the problems that are not ADHD-Simplex, a complete diagnosis must be made. All problems must be addressed and all avenues of treatment explored. Sometimes, the treatment will consist of educational therapy or educational accommodations. Dr. Sussman will be available to make recommendations for both these types of help. Other times, it may consist of language therapy, psychological therapy, hypnotherapy, or sensory processing therapy.  Again, Dr. Sussman will arrange for the best, most cost effective and most convenient treatments. As our patients come from three states and covers the entire state of South Carolina, we try to find the best treatments available near the patient's hometowns.
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