Joel P. Sussman, M.D. FAAP
Clinical Director; Palmetto Associates for Scholastic Success (P.A.S.S.)
245 Business Park Boulevard                  Columbia, SC 29203           Phone:  (803) 462-1234


What Our Patients Say

Most heart problems are found by General Practitioners, but would you trust your GP to treat your heart ailment?

Likewise, most ADHD in our children is initially suspected and perhaps diagnosed by GP's, yet their very title indicates their lack of ability to treat such a specialized disorder.  There is no "pill" to make your child whole.  Your most precious commodity needs to be treated as a whole with success in school being the goal and end result.  If you want the best for your child, then look no further than the specialists at Palmetto Associates for Scholastic Success.

"Their name says it all.  Our 11 year old was diagnosed with much more than ADHD, successfully treated, as well as remediated both at PASS and in parallel with his school.  From D's to Principals List in 1 year.

Dr. Sussman and staff strive for and achieve the very best my children are capable of academically.  To say we are satisfied with our children's treatment and success would be an understatement - Thanks Dr. Sussman."

Bill Davis

"I have my wonderful, sweet and loving son back. This happened thanks to Dr. Sussman's insistence on an immediate reduction in playing video games (from several hours a week to two) and eliminating some heavy duty medications and using the least amount possible to help my ADHD son be successful. Thank you, Dr. Sussman! "

Wanda Barr

"Our son is 10 years old and he has been a patient of Dr. Sussman's for 3 years. Dr. Sussman provides us with the guidance and support we need for our son to be a better student. Dr. Sussman is dedicated to helping children of all ages who are struggling in the classroom. He is a respected expert in the field of school dysfunction with a wealth of knowledge of appropriate and successful programs, services and treatments. He also keeps well informed of the ever changing needs of these children and the most recent treatments and medical information. Most important for us is that Dr. Sussman listens to our concerns and he cares about the results."

Robert and Gigi Lewis 

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