Joel P. Sussman, M.D. FAAP
Clinical Director; Palmetto Associates for Scholastic Success (P.A.S.S.)
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IM® Testimonials

Palmetto Metronome Therapy Testimonials
Working with Cary Sussman for Interactive Metronome Therapy was a gift to our family.  The therapy sessions along with the outstanding rapport Cary developed with our son gave him the ability to better manage his impulses and to enjoy a wonderful mentor. We are seeing less temper tantrums and more consistent positive behavior.  Cary went above and beyond expectations to help our son.

My son was diagnosed with ADHD. We found that Interactive Metronome was an alternative to taking medication. The therapy really helped his ability to focus, his self-confidence, and helped
control his aggressive/impulsive behavior. He was taught to stay focused while distractions were going on around him. He made the A/B honor roll throughout the 5th grade. It also gave him the self-confidence to give a speech in class to run for student council. His class chose him to be their student council representative.  Mr. Cary Sussman not only did the therapy, but he went to my son's school and had lunch with him, to get to know him better.  It was above and beyond what we expected.  I truly cannot say enough good things about Interactive Metronome and Mr. Sussman.
-Sherry Simmons

My son has had a difficult childhood with many challenges.  He suffers from a variety of issues such as ADHD and Auditory Processing Disorder.  He also had a minor stroke as a child that left him with several physical problems. Growing up he has had to deal with many challenges and we have tried everything we could to help our child.  I heard about Interactive Metronome through a parent group.  Since working with Mr. Sussman and the Interactive Metronome therapy, the changes we have seen in our son have been nothing short of miraculous.  Has been able to read at his grade level, not get frustrated at completing tasks, and socialize with classmates much better.  Another byproduct of his therapy has been, due to his improved balance and coordination, the physical changes he has had. He can now swim, ride his bike with neighborhood friends, and play without feeling self-conscious.  Our son has also been able to drastically reduce his needed medication.  I don't know where we'd be with out Interactive Metronome therapy and Mr. Cary Sussman.  I highly recommend Interactive Metronome therapy.

-Sharon S.

"My son went through Metronome Therapy last year when he was ten years old. He had been diagnosed with ADD and had issues with processing speed, focus and very poor handwriting. His initial testing showed that he was quite unbalanced in his brain hemispheres.  Cary worked with him to bring him into balance and also did special exercises to improve his handwriting and even his baseball pitching and hitting!  We've seen improvements in his ability to complete class assignments independently and improvements in his body confidence. He really enjoyed his time spent with Cary and we're very glad we tried this program."
-Tiffany H.

We were first introduced to Interactive Metronome therapy in 2009, when our elder son was diagnosed with Asperger’s Syndrome. He completed the program and we began to notice improvements in his obsessive-compulsive behaviors, as well as his ability to process complex instructions. Today, our son exhibits few characteristics of Asperger’s. In fact, most people do not realize he even has Asperger’s! Because of our experiences with IM, we gladly sought out this therapy when it was recommended for our younger son, who suffers from ADD. Our younger son, who is 15 years old, reports that he is much better able to concentrate in his classes, and that he is much more aware of himself when he gets off task. From a parent’s perspective, I have noticed that our 15 year old remembers to complete his chores, has a much higher frustration tolerance, and is taking initiative with respect to his schoolwork- three areas in which he truly struggled prior to IM therapy! Regarding Cary Sussman as our child’s IM therapist, I have no reservations recommending him. Cary is very personable, relates to teenagers and parents alike, and communicates both timely and effectively the quantitative results of the therapy. Additionally, Cary told us what the quantitative results would mean in practice; in other words, Cary told us what skills and behaviors we could expect from our son at each stage of the therapy. I am very pleased to report that our son is taking much greater responsibility for his education, and we have Cary and IM to thank for that!                        
Kelli and Karl Maddox

IM® Testimonials (all testimonials from

"The IM has provided a tool for therapists across our company to engage patients in their therapy. With the IM we can push for greater gains in cognition, coordination and balance than we could before. It is a proven modality used by therapists to get better outcomes.”

Cheryl Miller, OTR/L,
National Director of Clinical Services, HealthSouth, Sunrise, FL

"In today's tough economic times and with cuts in insurance coverage for therapy we are not always provided with enough time to work with our clients and give them the weeks/months of treatment they often need. Therefore as therapists we need to look for tools that will help our clients achieve their best outcomes in the shortest period of time. I have been using Interactive Metronome for almost ten years and have witnessed statistically significant progress in just a few short weeks of therapy. I believe Interactive Metronome should be the first step in a therapeutic approach to improve the emotional, cognitive, motor, academic and sensory deficits of your clients. It is the only program of it's kind that delivers results so quickly and is so easy in it's application. It is suitable for adults and children regardless of their disabilities. It should be a part of every therapist's practice!"

Lorraine Sgarlato, AuD, CCA
Salute! Hearing Health and Harmony, Yardley, PA

"Introducing Interactive Metronome to our facility has not only changed our approach to facilitating treatment techniques, but has also allowed us to target a population who felt there was no hope in improving their quality of life. My patients who have completed the IM program have found the ability to return to meaningful activities by improving their balance, coordination, and overall confidence in their daily lives. Not only has this program brought us great results from a treatment perspective, but it has allowed our facility to grow and be known throughout the community."

Kelly Coleman, OTR/L
The Glenview at Pelican Bay, Naples, FL

"Using Interactive Metronome in a non-traditional manner with infants through preschool aged children with moderate to severe developmental delays has been so inspiring!  It has been the catalyst that many of our children needed in order to readily initiate play and social interaction, improve coordination, self-regulate and improve communication.  Interactive metronome has provided us with a creative avenue to facilitate progress in many children with severe physical and cognitive challenges who previously had very limited functional gains."

Amy Kampschroeder, OTR/L
Easter Seals UCP, Wilmington, NC

"I love the IM as a therapeutic tool in Pediatric Physical Therapy Practice. I have had children who can barely walk and catch a ball separately, but when using the Gait Mate with IM are able to bounce and catch a ball while they are walking. I have used IM to slow down kids who move too fast and speed up kids whose legs don’t keep pace with their body. It’s flexibility in treatment is limited only by the Therapists’ creativity!"

Todd J. Sullivan, PT, PCS
Blake Medical Center, Bradenton, FL

"IM has made a wonderful addition to our clinic as it is the perfect enhancement to traditional therapies. It has helped our clients to learn to focus and attend as well as increasing coordination which increased their goal attainment. It is brain based, and works on a millisecond level to help make connections and changes! I am finding more and more clients benefit from IM!"

Wendy Harron, OTR/L

A.I. DuPont Hospital, Wilmington, DE 

"When using the IM with my clients, I convey to them I am training their brain to achieve their personal gains. IM allows me to be creative in customizing my client's treatment protocol to assist them in reaching their functional ADL goals which, in turn, allows them to be more independent in the home as well as in the community."

Lisa Poe, OTR/L

A Focused Brain, Madison, MS

"IM has made a wonderful addition to our clinic as it is the perfect enhancement to traditional therapies. It has helped our clients to learn to focus and attend as well as increasing coordination which increased their goal attainment. It is brain based, and works on a millisecond level to help make connections and changes! I am finding more and more clients benefit from IM!"

Wendy Harron, OTR/L

A.I. DuPont Hospital, Wilmington, DE 

"I have used the Interactive Metronome system since 2006.  As an occupational therapist working in the school system and in private practice, I have found the Interactive Metronome to be a profoundly effective intervention. Results that I have seen include generalized improvements with body awareness, spatial awareness, self-monitoring, motor planning and attention as well as numerous functional task improvements.  These results have emerged for my students, my clients, my family and myself.  The system is so beautifully and flexibly designed that I have been able to adapt its use as a powerful intervention booster with hundreds of students and clients with a wide range of ages and abilities.  It is a cornerstone of my practice as an OT."

Laura Carnes Kane, MS, OTR/L
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