Joel P. Sussman, M.D. FAAP
Clinical Director; Palmetto Associates for Scholastic Success (P.A.S.S.)
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IM® Sports Enhancement

Many college and professional athletes use Interactive Metronome® Therapy.  Their names cannot be shared because IM does not have an endorsement relationship with them. Some players/teams that the media has reported using IM are:
Professional Golfers: Vijay Singh, Glen Day
NBA: Miami Heat
NFL: Miami Dolphins
NHL: Florida Panthers
Major Universities: University of Notre Dame, Syracuse University, University of North Carolina, University of Miami (Fl)
Read about the Interactive Metronome performance training tests with St. Thomas Aquinas HS Athletes (See video below related to Athletic Timing)

Athletic Timing

Improve Sports Ability and Grades

Fox Sports Feature on Interactive Metronome ®

Sporting Success from Elite Sporting Edge

The Importance of Timing on the Brain

Watch the Interactive Metronome on ESPN's College Gameday!
Interactive Metronome® Sports Training Webinar Featuring Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Baseball, and Hockey.

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